Guangzhou (Canton), Qing Ping Free Market, Nov. 6-9 2000
  1. Hundreds of adult Morenia ocellata females were on sale and a couple of juveniles (among them maybe some males).
  2. Appr. 25 Geochelone platynota were on sale behind the scenes.
  3. Chitra from Myanmar (C. chitra ?) also on sale
  4. Few Callagurs, no Batagur
  5. More C. amboinensis than ever (thousands !). Listing in App. II totally in vain (as I always said).
  6. C. trifasciata (adult) sold for Y 9000.- (under the table, of course)
  7. Relatively few C. galbinifrons and C. flavomarginata (due to season ?)
  8. Hundreds of H. grandis, H. spinosa, Cyclemys dentata, Orlitia, Pyxidea, Siebenrockiella, Ocadia (Taiwan form, all sizes), Amyda cartilaginea, Trachemys scripta elegans.
  9. Also present: C. pulchripons, C. tscheponensis, Melanochelys trijuga edeniana, Platysternon, Chinemys reevesii, Mauremys mutica, Mauremys annamensis, Chinemys nigricans (1), Palea steindachneri (1), Dogania subplana (2), Nilssonia formosa (quite a few), Lissemys scutata, G. spengleri, Macroclemys temminckii, Sacalia quadriocellata.
  10. Hundreds of Hieremys annandalei (shipped in by Malyasia and Singapore Airlines), Malayemys subtrijuga and Notochelys platynota.
  11. Millions of Pelodiscus (shipped from Thailand and Hainan Dao).
  12. No Indian, African or South American species !