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Publications:  NYTTS NewsNotes, the Society’s newsletter, covers subjects ranging from husbandry and medical care to conservation and protective legislation, as well as reports on important regional, national, and international events.  The Society’s journal, the Plastron Papers, contains scientific and technical articles of interest to both the professional biologist and the serious hobbyist.  The NYTTS Help Network, a phone directory of member volunteers who have indicated their particular areas of interest and expertise, affords members a means of seeking answers to questions related to turtles and tortoises.  Compiled from member submissions, and now available online, the NYTTS Vet List is a directory of veterinarians who treat these animals.

Annual Seminar:  Our full-day seminar features in-depth presentations by noted turtle and tortoise authorities on a wide range of topics, designed to appeal to both serious hobbyists and professional turtle biologists.  Seminar 2002 is scheduled for January 5.  View program information for Seminar 2001.

The International Conference:  In July 1993, NYTTS co-sponsored Conservation, Restoration, and Management of Tortoises and TurtlesAn International Conference at the State University of New York at Purchase.  The success of the Purchase meeting has become well known among both turtle biologists and hobbyists.  In November 1997, The New York Turtle and Tortoise Society, with the WCS Turtle Recovery program, published the proceedings of that event.  The first major publication for NYTTS, Proceedings: Conservation, Restoration, and Management of Tortoises and TurtlesAn International Conference is over 500 pages and contains 80 formal papers and summary reports from the conference.  A comprehensive overview of the proceedings volume is provided at this site.

Educational Activity:  Through its Public Education Program, the Society participates in various public events to disseminate current and accurate information and to promote greater awareness of turtles and tortoises.  Speakers and special programs can be arranged.  Information on captive husbandry, diet and health care, and important books on chelonians are also available through NYTTS.  See the NYTTS Mail-Order Catalogue for a list of publications and other sale items.

Conservation and Animal Welfare:  The Society is a strong advocate of protective legislation for turtles and tortoises and actively promotes the enforcement of conservation and humane laws.  To insure that unwanted or excess animals are found good homes, a two-way Adoption Program is maintained.  A number of members — including some of our member-veterinarians — participate in the Turtle Rehab Program, donating their time and expertise to the care and rehabilitation of injured wild turtles.

Monthly Meetings:  Regular meetings are held October through April at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  Guest speakers — zoologists, veterinarians, conservationists, and other recognized experts — present topics of special interest to Society members.

Annual Show:  Each spring, members display their animals at the Annual Turtle and Tortoise Show.  This educational event provides attendees the opportunity to examine a wide variety of species.  Informal discussions focus on the animals’ health, diet, and captive husbandry requirements.  See Annual Show photos and list of winners from the following years: 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, or 1997.

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