Next NYTTS Meeting: Sunday, January 20, 2013, 11:00 a.m., Arsenal Gallery, Central Park, NYC

Pete is pictured with a snapping turtle during a demonstration for a NYC high school class at the Alley Pond Environmental Center, Flushing, NY.
“Turtle Ecology USA, North vs. South”
Pete Warny,
Ecologist, New York City

Peter Warny, a former ecologist with the Nature Conservancy and National Audubon Society, travels extensively across America, focusing on wetlands habitats and documenting changes in the food webs composed of aquatic insects, fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

Pete will illustrate and discuss cross country road trips to various turtle ecology and conservation projects, field surveys, etc. This recent updated excursion will include coastal Louisiana bayous (a year after the infamous offshore oil blowout) as well as the Texas roadkill massacre and other roadkill areas. These “ tough times for turtles” will be contrasted with conservation efforts such as creating new wetlands, protecting nest sites, and monitoring turtle populations for future planning. A brief “show & tell” will follow the presentation.

After the meeting: A limited number of people are invited to visit Pete's Midtown East Side “eco-art and nature” loft. Of course, the loft includes a special turtle room of exotic species, and Pete will discuss husbandry and care of exotic species of turtles for those interested.

Be sure to visit the NYTTS Web site ( to see a video of
a playful encounter between a commercial diver and a sea turtle.