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Year 2000 Children’s Turtle Poster Contest
To Highlight the Conservation of North American Turtles

New York, NY, February 1, 2000 The New York Turtle and Tortoise Society announced today its Year 2000 (eighth) Annual Turtle Conservation Poster Contest. Because turtles are in a state of crisis in so many parts of the world (many species are facing extinction in this century unless strong conservation measures are taken), the contest was created to help educate both children and adults concerning the plight of turtles. Past contests have received over 1,000 entries from all 50 states and Canada.

According to Lorri Cramer, the contest’s creator and organizer, “The contest is open to all children, ages 5 through 105!”

This year the Society would like contestants to focus their attention on five North American species: Box Turtles, Spotted Turtles, Blanding’s Turtles, Diamondback Terrapins, and Dessert Tortoises. The poster may depict multiple threats or one specific threat facing one of these species. Some examples might include, but are not limited to, excessive hunting for food or the pet trade, pollution, habitat destruction, and the release of sick animals (such as pet turtles) into the wild. There are problems that affect one particular

species, such as diamondback terrapins drowning in crab traps or being hit by boats. Contestants are strongly urged to conduct research on the species they have chosen.

Posters should be submitted on a heavy-weight poster board and may be either 12" x 18" or 18" x 24" in size. Entries will be grouped according to age and grade level. Suggested mediums include magic markers, inks, paint, or collage. Name, address, phone number, age, grade, and the name of the school and teacher (where appropriate) should be clearly printed on the back of the poster.

A panel of conservationists, artists. and teachers will judge all entries on their originality, message, and artistic merit. Prizes will include official Turtle Society T-shirts, books, and a one-year membership to the New York Turtle and Tortoise Society.

The semifinalists will be exhibited at the 26th Annual Turtle and Tortoise Show in New York City in June 2000, and the winners will be announced in October 2000. All posters become the property of NYTTS. All entries must be postmarked by June 1, 2000.

Entries should be mailed to:

Poster Contest, c/o Lorri Cramer
New York Turtle and Tortoise Society
750 Columbus Avenue, 4W
New York, NY 10025, USA

If you have any questions concerning appropriate
subject matter and rules, please contact:

Lorri Cramer: