Hi Lorri

Below is the list. I have only 8 photos of posters. A couple should be retaken (especially the grand prize winner). I need to identify the poster with the artist. Take a look at the gallery and please identify them for me by the kids' names where I haven't done so already. Also, are all 8 actually winners?

Do you have all the posters? Can we arrange to photograph the ones we don't have? Also, Sandi Spinder below doesn't have a poster title, and we are missing Margret Golson's age.


NYTTS Children's Poster Contest Winners 2001

Grand Prize

Margret Golson "Let Them Be Freed To Breed"
Hilton Head High School
AP Biology / K. Howard
Hilton Head, S.C.
Age ??
Medium: magic marker

Lower Division / Group Award

Paula Marchi's Pre-Kindergarten 3 "Give The Turtles a Swimming Chance, Keep Our Oceans Clean"
St. Charles School
Staten Island, N.Y.
Mediums: Paint and collage

Middle Division / First Prize

Bridget Ryan "Keep the Legend Alive, Save the Turtles"
Birchwood Intermediate School
Huntington Station, N.Y.
Age 11
Mediums: marker, crayon and collage

Middle Division / Second Prize

Sandi Spinder "Poster title???"
Pine Lane Intermediate School, 6th Grade
Parker, Colorado
Age 11
Mediums: crayon and magic marker

Upper Division / First Prize

Jack Prosch "Help Our Wild Turtles Get Back On Their Feet"
St. Ann's Belfield School - 8th Grade
Charlottesville, VA.
Age 14
Mediums: magazine collage and magic marker

Upper Division / Second Prize

Hope Palacious "Overdevelopment of Beach Front With Turtle"
Inagua School, 11th Grade
Age 15
Medium: acrylic paint

Upper Dvision / Third Prize

DeAngelo Palacious "Sea Turtle Market"
Inagua School - 11th Grade
Age 17
Medium: black & white marker

Honorable Mention

Elizabeth Hult “Don't Pave Their Playground, Turtles Need Wetlands”
Home Schooled, Grade 4
Belleville IL. Age 9
Medium: colored marker

Rebecca Gilbert "Before They All Leave, Save the Environment"
Birchwood Intermediate School, Grade 5
Melville, New York
Age 10
Mediums: collage and markers

Ethan Clancy "If Turtles Were This Big, Who Would Be Going Extinct?"
Foundations For The Future Academy Charter, Grade 5
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Age 11
Medium: computer graphics collage

M. Stubbs "Some Dangers For Sea Turtles"
Inagua School, 11th Grade
Age 17
Medium: pointillism, magic markers