Fish and Turtle Rescue in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, March 12–16

As part of Prospect Park’s Lakeside Center project, a cofferdam was installed in a sec­tion of the lake, so the water could be drawn down to allow work to be done in areas that are usually inundated. During the week fish and turtles have been captured from the area that was being drained and moved back into the lake proper. Litter from the exposed lakebed was also removed.

On Thursday four volunteers from NYTTS—Jack Gambino, Roberta Raeburn, Judy Stivelband, and Jim Van Abbema—partici­pated in the Fish and Turtle Rescue efforts. No turtles were brought out on Thursday, but a few red-eared sliders had been found ear­lier in the week. Fish—large-mouth bass, bluegills, and sunfish—were netted, mea­sured, and returned to the lake. The project is a continuation of the work performed in a nearby section of the lake in November 2009.